My Pain Had Purpose Book
My Pain Had Purpose Book

My Pain Had Purpose Book

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Autographed Copy of My Pain Had Purpose Book (Marked for Death, Yet I Live) Book by Yvette Steele

Award-Winning Author Yvette Steele weaves an inspiring tale of survival, faith, revival, and redemption in this recollection of one woman’s life spent emerging from mental, physical, and emotional pain, heartache, and abuse while struggling to find her identity both personally and spiritually. Building an emotional wall was her way of coping with the trauma of abuse, abandonment, and sexual assault while fending off the Enemy who, along the way, threatened her life multiple times.

My Pain Had Purpose is YvetteSteele’s testimony of how God not only saved her life in every single instance but also healed and freed her from the bondage of her past. Through this journey, God blessed her with a hard-earned and sacred partnership with her husband, a supportive church family, beautiful children. Above all, He set her free to walk and live in her divine purpose and calling for His glory.


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